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Volume 3, (2008).
(abstracts downloadable)

Multimodality on the geometric combination of Bayesian forecasting models, by E. Faria and E. Mubwandarikwa, 1-25. abstract.

Sequential confidence limits for the ratio of two binomial proportions, by Hokwon Cho and Z. Govindarajulu , 26-42. abstract.

On Karhunen-Loeve-like expansion for a class of random processes , by Yu. Kozachenko and Ye. Turchyn , 43-55. abstract.

Detecting Small Shift on the Mean by Finite Moving Average , by Pierre R. Bertrand and Gerard Fleury, 56-73. abstract.

Sharp large deviation principle for the conditional empirical process, by Cyrille Joutard , 74-92. abstract.

Selection of quick switching system with special type double sampling plans through MAPD and MAAOQ , by K. K. Suresh and S. Jayalakshmi, 93-100. abstract.

On fuzzy parametric quadratic programming , by Mohamed Abd El-Hady Kassem and N. A. El-Kholy , 101-125. abstract.

Selection of skip--lot sampling plan through MAAOQ, by K. K. Suresh and K. Prathiba , 126-135. abstract.

Linear transformed control charts for short-run or long--run processe, by Cui Hengjian and Chan Laikow, 136-151. abstract.

The transportation: more-for-less criterion, by M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas, 152-165.. This article was retracted by the Editor-in Chief due to plagiariasm. Retraction. Response by M. Sreenivas, On the history of plagiarism by M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas.

On preventive replacement of a device under Poisson shocks with discrete phase type shock probabilities , by K. Aneesh Kumar and M. Manoharan , 166-176. abstract.

Concurrent random scales, by Jerzy Szulga, 176-196. abstract.

Volume 1, (2006), Volume 2, (2007), Volume 4, (2009) .

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