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Volume 2, (2007).
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On a Berry--Esseen type bound for the least squares estimator for diffusion processes based on discrete observations, by M. N. Mishra and B. L. S. Prakasa Rao, 1-21. abstract.

Selection of multiple repetitive group sampling plan involving maximum allowable percent defective and maximum allowable average outgoing quality, by K. K. Suresh and R. Saminatha, 22-30. abstract.

Tests for exponentiality against NBRUE alternative life distributions , by S.G. Meintanis, Ya.Yu. Nikitin and A.V. Tchirina , 31-43. abstract.

A family of inverse distributions and related estimation and testing procedures for the reliability function, by Ajit Chaturvedi and Vandana Sharma, 44-66. abstract.

Root-n consistency and functional central limit theorems for estimators of derivatives of convolutions of densities , by Jichang Du and Anton Schick , 67-87. abstract.

Construction of sampling plans using intervened random effect Poisson distribution, by R. Radhakrishnan and J. Sekkizhar , 88-96. abstract.

Are the weekly highest and lowest Indian CNX NIFTY cointegrated: Full information maximum likelihood approach of Soren Johansen , by Amal Kumar Bose, 97-110. abstract.

Confident exploratory visualization techniques for improvement in high dimensional response surfaces, by Robert J. Parody and Don Edwards, 111-128. abstract.

Joint monitoring of multivariate process using synthetic control charts, by V. B. Ghute and D. T. Shirke, 129-141. abstract.

Shrinkage estimation of the lifetime parameters in the Rayleigh model using an empirical Bayesian approach, by P. J. Mostert, , A. Bekker and J. J. J. Roux , 142-158. abstract.

Sum of squares orthogonal fractional replicates, by Walter T. Federer, 159-177. abstract.

Volume 1, (2006), Volume 3, (2008), Volume 4, (2009).

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