International Journal of Statistics and Management Systems

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Volume 1, (2006).
(abstracts downloadable)

The Lipschitz condition in the expansion of weighted empirical log-likelihood ratio, by Jian-Jian Ren, 1-23. abstract.

L-estimator with data-dependent coefficients, by Yijun Zuo and Du Juan, 24-47. abstract.

Tests based on empirical likelihood for an AR(1) process with ARCH(1) errors, by Claudia Kluppelberg and Liang Peng , 48-58. abstract.

Intervals for option prices, by Rituparna Sen, 59-81. abstract.

Buckely-James-type estimators in classical-cohort studies, by Menggang Yu and Qiqing Yu , 82-103. abstract.

Asymptotic distributions of BJE in linear regression models with mixed interval-censored data, by Cuixian Chen, 104-119. abstract.

Nonparametric order-restricted inference for factorial and temporal data, by Xin Gao , 120-150. abstract.

Specification and informational issues in credit scoring, by Nicholas M. Kiefer and C. Erik Larson , 151-177. abstract.

Volume 2, (2007), Volume 3, (2008), Volume 4, (2009).

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