International Journal of Statistics and Management Systems

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Volume 4, (2009).
(abstracts downloadable)

Different dependence measures in spatial point processes, by G. Ayala and A. Simo, 1-26. abstract.

Steady state analysis of a non--Markovian bulk queueing system with 2b--policy and multiple vacation with exceptional last vacation, by R. Arumuganathan and T. Judeth Malliga, 27-50. abstract.

On the two-sample Cox model with doubly censored data or partly interval-censored data , by Jian-Jian Ren and Bin He, 51-65. abstract.

Characterization of inspection errors and their effect on skip lot sampling plan , by P. Lavanya Kumari and K. V. S. Sarma, 66-81. abstract.

Exact logistic regression: an extension of Barnard's approach for continuous covariates, by W. Dana Flanders and and Chiranjeev Dash , 82-95. abstract.

Statistical inference for regression models with covariate measurement error and auxiliary information , by Jinhong You and Haibo Zhou, 96-123. abstract.

Repeated measurements designs for two-crop systems , by S. A. Mir, M. S. Virk and S. Maqbool , 124-133. abstract.

Construction and comparison of mixed sampling plans having ChSP-(0,1) plan as attribute plan, by R.Radhakrishnan and R. Sampath Kumar , 134-149. abstract.

Single Sampling Plan for Three Attribute Classes Indexed Through Acceptable Quality Level, by R. Radhakrishnan and S. Ravi Sankar , 150164. abstract.

Modeling semicontinuous IT patent values by a mixture of Bayesian two-part models, by Bing Han and Wei Huang , 165187. abstract.

Volume 1, (2006), Volume 2, (2007), Volume 3, (2008).

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