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Notice of Retraction of "”The transportation: more–for–less criterion”

Response by M. Sreenivas

On the history of plagiarism by M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas

Reponse by M. Sreenivas

Respected Sir,

As per the email received from you, I corresponding author, M. Sreenivas, take this humble opportunity to request you that I was intimated apology to the journals, where the steps have been incorporated in the article from the existing article, for which I was not mentioned the source of the article. It was happened only to present the continuous idea of the topic. Based on the consequences, I have been stopped such type of submissions to the Journals.

The co-author, which was mentioned in the article, is no way related to this matter, as it is not in the notice of him. It was happened without consulting the person. He is completely unaware of the article.

I request your goodself to kindly think this matter with magnoliant heart and pursue this matter favorably on humanitarian grounds. I once again promise you to carry satisfactory work towards the Journals by following the respective rules.

M. Sreenivas

Volume 1, (2006), Volume 2, (2007), Volume 4, (2009) .

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