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Notice of Retraction of ”The transportation: more–for–less criterion”

Response by M. Sreenivas

On the history of plagiarism by M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas

On the history of plagiarism by M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas.

This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor-in-Chief.

The authors have plagiarized line by line: ”The Transportation Paradox Revisited” by Sverre Størøy, which was published online in Optimization Online on 08/31/2007.

This article was previously submitted to "4OR: A Quarterly Journal of Operations Research". The Editors of 4OR rejected this article after noticing that it was plagiarized.

For more information on plagiarism cases by M. Sreenivas and T. Srinivas, see:

4OR Editorial web notice in plagiarism, Editorial note published in 4OR and SIAM report on a case of plagiarism.

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