4118 Mathematical Sciences Building, 399 Crocker Lane

Davis, CA 95616

Department of Statistics

4118 Mathematical Sciences Building

399 Crocker Lane

University of California (UC-Davis)

Davis, California 95616, USA

Telephone: (530) 341-3663, FAX: (530) 752-7099


Education (degrees, dates, universities)


B.A.-Mathematics (with high honors) 1956, University of Athens, Greece

Ph.D.-Statistics 1964, University of California, Berkeley (UC-Berkeley), CA, USA (Primary advisor: David Blackwell, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA; co-advisor: Lucien Le Cam)


Career/Employment (employers, positions, and dates)


       UC-Davis, Distinguish Professor Emeritus, since July 1, 2012

       UC-Davis, Distinguish Professor, July 1, 2003–June 30, 2012

       UC-Davis, Professor, July 1, 1985 –June 30, 2003

       UC-Davis, Visiting Professor, 1984-1985

       University of Patras, Greece, Professor-Chair of Applied Mathematics/Director of the Laboratory of Applied Mathematics, 1972-1984

       University of Wisconsin, Madison, Professor, 1972-1976

       University of Wisconsin, Madison, Associate Professor, 1968-1972

       University of Wisconsin, Madison, Assistant Professor, 1966-1968

       California Stare University, San Jose, Assistant Professor, 1964-1966

       Short visiting appointments at Aarhus University, Denmark; Indiana University, Bloomington, USA; and University of Piraeus, Greece






       Main field: Statistics

       Other fields: Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes

       Current research interests: Asymptotic parametric and nonparametric inference in stochastic processes, including Markovian, mixing, and associated processes; contiguity; conditioning


Honors, Awards, and Fellowships


       Fellowship of the Greek Government

       Fellowship of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

       Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute, since 1974

       Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, since 1975

       Member of the Council of the Hellenic Mathematical Society

       President of the Balkan Union of Mathematicians

       Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, since 1983

       Fellow of the American Statistical Association, since 1986

       Recipient of research grants from NSF, NATO, Office of Research and Technology (Greece), UC-Davis

       UC-Davis, Professor Above Scale, 1996-2012

       UC-Davis, Distinguished Professor, 2003-2012

       Festschrift offered by colleagues for my research work, teaching, academic administration, and other contributions to the profession: Asymptotics in Statistics and Probability: Papers in Honor of George Gregory Roussas (Madan L. Puri. Ed.)(2000), VSP International Science Publishers. (The Volume includes 25 papers by 48 contributors from 13 countries) 

       Two-day Workshop (UC-Davis, May 19-20, 2001) in my honor, and presentation of the Volume. (Participants included a Member of the French Academy of Sciences, a Chancellor of a German University, a Name-Chair holder Professor of the London School of Economics, U.K., and three Statistics Department Chairs)

       A thirteen page write-up of an interview for the “Statistical Periscope” of the Greek Statistical Institute, sent to the membership and also published on its website, 2007

       Chair of the Advisory Board of  “Demokritos Society of America”, a Think Tank, since  2007

       Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens;  elected by the membership in the plenary session of April 17, 2008, in the field of Mathematical Statistics

       Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) , elected  on November 2008

       Inaugural speech as a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens in a special plenary session of the Academy membership and guests, November 10, 2010

       Award as the charter president of the “Society of Friends of Elikifor my early and strong support of its research and excavation efforts to locate the lost ancient city of Eliki,  seat of the Achaian League of the Hellenic cities of Peloponnese, March 6, 2010

       A twenty two page paper of an interview for “Statistical Science”, an official journal of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2010.

       Invited to write a brief obituary for Professor David Blackwell published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2010

       Invited to organize an article of contributed reminiscences by former students of Professor David Blackwell, colleagues, and friends for the American Mathematical Society Notices, 2011


Research papers, Books, and Edited volumes


       Number of papers in refereed journals and special volumes: 90

       Number of communications in scientific meetings: Numerous

       Books (including revised versions), and Instructor’s Manuals: 22

       Edited volumes: 5


Editorial Work


Served and/or is serving as Associate Editor of Member of the Editorial Board for:

       Statistics & Probability Letters

       Journal of Nonparametric Statistics

       Stochastic Modelling and Applications

       Inference for Stochastic Processes


Impact of my presence in leadership positions in UC-Davis


During my tenure as the Chair of the Graduate Program in Statistics in UC-Davis, statistics and statistics/probability research productivity in UC-Davis was evaluated and ranked as stated below:


Source: National Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC)

Institutions ranked: 300 worldwide over the period of 1986-1990 (inclusive)

Basis of ranking: Research papers published in 16 peer-reviewed journals of high international repute


UC-Davis ranked:

14-th among the 300 institutions worldwide (top 4.7%)

11-th within the USA institutions (top 3%)

3-rd within California (UC-Berkeley, Stanford University, UC-Davis)


Follow-up second evaluation


Source: "Worldwide research output in probability and statistics: an update” in: The Canadian Journal of Statistics, Vol. 30, No. 2, 392-442,2002,, by Christian Genest and Mireille Guay, covering the period of 1986-2000 (inclusive)

Institutions ranked: The same 300 as above

Basis of ranking: The same (statistical) journals used in the previous ranking, plus another 9 probability journals


The 300 institutions were ranked by the use of several criteria. On the basis of perhaps a most comprehensive and objective criterion, UC-Davis ranked 4-th among 202 institutions satisfying the criterion used (top 2%)


Also, I was instrumental in establishing a now flourishing Graduate Program in Biostatistics





Probability and Statistics Throughout the Centuries


A slightly modified version of my inaugural address as a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens on November 10, 2009.




A Conversation with George G. Roussas


An interview by Debasis Battacharya and Francisco J. Samaniego published in STATISTICAL SCIENCE, Vol. 25, No. 4, pages  566-587 , November 2010.




OBITUARY: Davis Blackwell


A brief obituary for Professor David Blackwell written upon the request of the IMS Bulletin and published in the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin, Vol. 39-Issue 8, 2010.




A Tribute to David Blackwell


An article on reminiscences of former students of Professor David Blackwell, of colleagues and friends  organized upon the request of the Editor of Notices of the American Mathematical Society, and published in American Mathematical Society Notices, Vol. 58, Number 7, pages 912-928, August 2011.




A selection of photos from George Gregory Roussas’ life