Division of Statistics

University of California, Davis

B.A. in Mathematics (1970) UCLA, Regents Scholar
M.A. in Mathematics (1972) University of Utah
Ph.D. in Mathematics (1978) UC San Diego

Life Member of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Elected Member of the International Institute of Statistics

Selected Publications:

1. Mack, Y. P. and M. Rosenblatt (1979). "Multivariate k-nearest neighbor density estimates." J. Multivariate Analysis, 9, 1-15.

2. Mack, Y. P. (1980). "Asymptotic normality of multivariate k-NN density estimates." Sankhya 42 Ser. A, 53-63.

3. Mack, Y. P. (1982). "On a goodness-of-fit problem of some nonparametric density estimates." Scand. J. Statist. 9, 179-182.

4. Mack, Y. P. and B. W. Silverman (1982). "Weak and strong uniform consistency of kernel regression estimates." Prob. Th. and Related Fields 61, 405-415.

5. Bhattacharya, P. K. and Y. P. Mack (1987). "Weak convergence of k-NN density and regression estimators with varying k and applications." Ann. Statist. 15(2), 976-994.

6. Sayal, M. M., L. S. L. S. Sandhu, and Y. P. Mack (1989). "Spinal segmental somatosensory evoked potentials in lumbrosacral radiculopathies." Neurology 39(6), 801-805.

7. Mack, Y. P. and N. S. Matloff (1990). "Estimating a mixing distribution in a multiple observation Setting." Statist. Prob. Letters 10, 369-376.

8. Mack, Y. P. and N. Wulwick (1991). "Nonparametric regression analysis of some economic data." Proc. NATO Advanced Studies Inst. on Nonpar. Functional Est. and Rel. Topics (Roussas, G. G., ed) 361-376.

9. Mack, Y. P. and P. X. Quang (1998). "Kernel methods in line and point transect sampling." Biometrics 54, 609-619.

10. Jiang, J. and Y. P. Mack (2001). "Robust local polynomial regression for dependent data." Statist. Sinica 11, 705-722.

11. Mack, Y. P. (2002). "Statistical issues on simulation techniques in structural engineering." Proc. Int'l Colloq. Euro.- SiBRAM (Prague).

e-mail: ypmack (@) ucdavis.edu

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