I am a PhD student in the Department of Statistics at University of California-Davis (expected graduation: May 2019). I have just passed the pre-qualifying exam during the spring break of 2015 and having been looking for an adviser ever since.

Before Davis, I received a BSc (First Class Honors) in Computing Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, City University of Hong Kong, in 2014. I also minored in computer science.

Please find my CV here.

My name in Chinese is 吴立伟 (WU Liwei).
吴 (Wu) is my family name. 立 (Li) means "stand up" and 伟(wei) means "great". I was told by my parents that they chose this name because they wished me to stand up and become a great man one day.

My favorite hobby is probably travelling. I have travelled to many parts of the world. The photo on the right side is taken when I visited Berlin, Germany during 2014 summer. And during this summer in 2015, I plan to travel to Canada and South Korea.

wilson’s Travel Map

Wilson has been to: Brunei, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States. Get your own travel map from Matador Network.