Tutoring Resources

Student Academic Success Center

The Students Academic Success Center has a number of resources for students including help with specific coursework and general study skills.   

Office Hours

Students are expected to attend office hours. Students in statistics courses are much more successfull if they attend office hours on a regular basis.  You have the option to attend both TA and instructor office hours.  We encourage attending both.  You can find your TA and instuctor office hours on your course syllabus or course website. Most office hours are held in the Mathematical Sciences Building.  You can find it on the campus map.

Statistics Club Review Sessions

The Statistics Club at UC Davis hosts group study sessions to help students prepare for their midterms. You can find out more about these sessions and other club events here.   

Private Tutoring Resources

Our department provides a list of tutors to students who would like to hire a private tutor.  Below is the list of tutors for hire.  PLEASE NOTE:

  • All tutors are graduate students in the Department of Statistics or the Graduate Group in Biostatistics.  
  • All tutoring arrangements and agreements are strictly between the student and the tutor.
  • The Department of Statistics takes no responsibility for the quality of any tutoring experience or arrangements.  
  • It is unallowable for a graduate student to tutor any student in a course which they are also TAing for in the immediate quarter. Should this occur, the graduate student tutor and the undergraduate student they are tutoring will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs.
  • Is is unallowable for graduate student toturs to provide past exams and homework solutions to the students they are tutoring.  Should this occur, the graduate student tutor and the undergraduate student they are tutoring will be promptly referred to Student Judicial Affairs.

Abhishek Roy

  • abroy@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 131 A, STA 131 B, STA 131 C, STA 135, STA 137, STA 206, STA 207, STA 13, STA 106
  • $30/hour
  • Hi, I am an MS student of Statistics Department. I am very passionate about teaching which motivates me to be a tutor. My rate is negotiable.

Zhenyu Wei

  • zywei@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 10, STA 13, STA 32, STA 100, STA 103, STA 106, STA 108, STA 130AB, STA 131 ABC, STA 135, STA 144, STA 200ABC
  • $25/hour but negotiable, and depends on course level
  • I am currently a PhD students in Biostatistics.

Jingxian Liao

  • jxliao@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 13, 100, 106, 108, 131A,131B,131C,141A
  • negotiatable rate
  • I am a master's student in Statistics Department. I'm really glad to help anyone who has some questions about the courses I list above. My rate is negotiable.

Dmitriy Izyumin

  • dizyumin@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 13 STA 100 STA 103 STA 108 STA 131A STA 130A STA 137
  • $30/hr
  • Hello! I am a fifth year PhD student.  I have a Bachelor's in applied math, and a Master's in statistics. I've worked as a private tutor for the past 6 years, have been a TA 11 times, and an assistant instructor 3 times. I like nature, heavy music, and statistics.

Ken Wang

  • kenwang@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 13, 100, 130, 131, 108, 141
  • Rate is negotiable
  • I'm currently a statistics ph.d students, I've been a tutor since I was a undergraduate student.

Bowen jia

  • bojia@ucdavis.edu
  • STA131 A/B/C, STA108, STA104, STA141A, STA135
  • $15/hour
  • I am a current master student in Biostat and I would like to be a tutor to help someone else.

Mengye Liu

  • myeliu@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 131 AB, 135, 206, 10, 12, 13, 32, 106, 108
  • $25/hour but negotiable, and depends on course level
  • I am an MS student major in Statistics.  I have a Bachelor's in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. I am patient and willing to help you.

Nuen Tsang Yang

  • matyang@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 10,12,13,32,100,101,103,104,106,108,130AB,131ABC,135,137,138,141ABC,144,145,160, 200ABC,222,223,224,231ABC,232ABC,235ABC,237AB,238,240AB,241,242,243
  • $40/hour
  • private tutor for 5+ years. I reply every email.

Patrick Vacek

  • prvacek@ucdavis.edu
  • STA 13, 32, 100, 103, 106, 108, 141A, 141B, R, Python
  • $20/hour
  • My speciality is in helping with statistical programming issues. I have hundreds of hours of experience in both R and Python. I have also taught workshops on key concepts and best practices in R.
  • Winter 2018 Update: I am currently in the midst of a large workload this quarter so my only available days are Thursdays and Fridays. Since I have limited hours, you usually need to schedule an appointment a week in advance. I should have better hours next quarter.