Honors Program

The Honors Program in Statistics permits students to pursue their major study at a level significantly beyond that is defined by the normal curriculum. It represents an opportunity for qualified students to experience aspects of the discipline that are representative of advanced study in statistics.


Entrance into the Statistics Honors Program requires that a student have completed at least 135 units with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 in courses counted toward the major.

High Honor & Highest Honors

To be eligible for departmental recommendation of High Honors and Highest Honors with the bachelor’s degree, qualified students must also take a minimum of six units of STA194HA-194HB, the Special Studies for Honors sequence, distributed over two quarters (fall and winter quarter recommended) and successfully complete a research project, a scholarly paper, a senior thesis, or some comparable assignment under direction of a faculty advisor.

Honors at Graduation

Satisfactory completion of the 194H sequence is only one requirement to receive High or Highest Honors at graduation. Conferral of these honors also depends on the grade point average at time of graduation (see General Catalog). Students must also have taken all Statistics courses for a letter grade and cannot have more than 8 units of Incomplete grade on their transcripts at graduation. Please note: graduation with regular Honors does not require an Honors thesis or project.


All qualified statistics majors are encouraged to discuss their interest in the Honors Program with the major advisor as early as possible. Do so during Spring Quarter if you plan to take 194H Fall and Winter Quarter of the following year. Be thoughtful about your academic and research interest in the Statistics discipline and seek a faculty mentor whose expertise aligns with your interest to mentor your research or thesis. Lastly, you should take into consideration the significant scholarly commitment required by the Honors Program when planning your senior year.