Student Seminars

Student Seminar Series

Join us this Spring for a series of seminars organized by the graduate students of the Statistics Department at UC Davis. The seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 11:10am, in the Statistics Seminar Room MSB 1147 (Colloquium Room).




Wed April 12th

Miles Lopes

(Assistant Professor, Statistics, UC Davis)

“On the computation-accuracy tradeoff for majority-voting ensembles” - ABSTRACT

Wed, April 19th

Matt Dowle

(Data Scientist, Hacker at H20.ia, author of data.table in R)

"Ask Me Anything" - ABSTRACT

Wed April 26th

Jonathan Helm

(Post-Doc, Psychology, UC Davis)

“Bayesian versus Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Multitrait-Multimethod Confirmatory Factor Models” - ABSTRACT

Wed May 3rd

Matthew Espe

(Post-Doc, Data Science Initiative / Plant Sciences, UC Davis)

“Bayesian modeling using Stan” - ABSTRACT

Wed May 10th

Clark Fitzgerald

(PhD Student, Statistics, UC Davis)
“Parallel Computing Through Code Analysis” - ABSTRACT
Wed May 17th

Sean Maceachern

(Data Scientist, Monsanto)
“Applied statistics and data science in Agriculture” - ABSTRACT
Wed May 24th

Irene Kim

(PhD Student, Statistics, UC Davis)
“Homology of simplicial complexes and convergence of Persistence Diagram as weighted point process” - ABSTRACT

Refreshments will be served at each seminar. Seminars will be approximately 40 minutes long.

Organizers: Irene Kim and Ozan Sonmez

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Here are the previous student-run seminars in 2016-17:




Wed Oct 5,


Data Mining Team

(PhD Candidates, Statistics, UC Davis)

“Predicting Return Quantity for a Fashion Distributor via Gradient Boosting and Ensemble Learning” - ABSTRACT

Wed Oct 19,


Rex Cheung

(PhD Candidate, Statistics, UC Davis)

“Detecting and Predicting Driving State with Driver Behavior Data” - ABSTRACT

Wed Nov 2,


Justin Wang

(PhD Candidate, Statistics, UC Davis)

"Techniques for nonlinear Dimension Reduction" - ABSTRACT

Wed Nov 16,


Norm Matloff

(Professor, Computer Science, UC Davis)

"Statistical Issue in Recommender Systems" - ABSTRACT

Wed Nov 30,


Ozan Sonmez

(PhD Candidate, Statistics, UC Davis)

“Detecting and dating structural breaks in functional data without dimension reduction” - ABSTRACT

Wed Feb 1,


Mimi Tsuruga

(Postdoc, Math, UC Davis)

“What is Topological Data Analysis?” - ABSTRACT

Wed Feb 15, 12:00pm

Julio Deride

(PhD student, Math, UC Davis)

“Statistical estimation problems under stochastic optimization perspective” - ABSTRACT

Wed Mar 1,


Benjamin Roycraft

(PhD student, Statistics, UC Davis)

“A Statistical Approach using Bootstrap Estimation” - ABSTRACT
Wed Mar 15, 12:00pm Hao Chen (Assistant Professor, Statistics, UC Davis) “Change-point detection for locally dependent data” - ABSTRACT