Student Seminars

Student Seminar Series

Join us this Spring for a series of seminars organized by the graduate students of the Statistics Department at UC Davis. The seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 11:10am, in the Statistics Seminar Room MSB 1147 (Colloquium Room).




Wed April 12th

Miles Lopes

(Assistant Professor, Statistics, UC Davis)

“On the computation-accuracy tradeoff for majority-voting ensembles” - ABSTRACT

Wed, April 19th

Matt Dowle

(Data Scientist, Hacker at H20.ia, author of data.table in R)

"Ask Me Anything" - ABSTRACT

Wed April 26th

Jonathan Helm

(Post-Doc, Psychology, UC Davis)

“Bayesian versus Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Multitrait-Multimethod Confirmatory Factor Models”

Wed May 3rd

Matthew Espe

(Post-Doc, Data Science Initiative / Plant Sciences, UC Davis)

“Bayesian modeling using Stan”

Wed May 10th

Clark Fitzgerald

(PhD Student, Statistics, UC Davis)
“Parallel Computing Through Code Analysis”
Wed May 17th

Sean Maceachern

(Data Scientist, Monsanto)
“Applied statistics and data science in Agriculture”
Wed May 24th

Irene Kim

(PhD Student, Statistics, UC Davis)
“Topological Data Analysis : betti number of simplicial complex”

Refreshments will be served at each seminar. Seminars will be approximately 40 minutes long.

Organizers: Irene Kim and Ozan Sonmez

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Here are the previous student-run seminars in 2016-17:




Wed Oct 5,


Data Mining Team

(PhD Candidates, Statistics, UC Davis)

“Predicting Return Quantity for a Fashion Distributor via Gradient Boosting and Ensemble Learning” - ABSTRACT

Wed Oct 19,


Rex Cheung

(PhD Candidate, Statistics, UC Davis)

“Detecting and Predicting Driving State with Driver Behavior Data” - ABSTRACT

Wed Nov 2,


Justin Wang

(PhD Candidate, Statistics, UC Davis)

"Techniques for nonlinear Dimension Reduction" - ABSTRACT

Wed Nov 16,


Norm Matloff

(Professor, Computer Science, UC Davis)

"Statistical Issue in Recommender Systems" - ABSTRACT

Wed Nov 30,


Ozan Sonmez

(PhD Candidate, Statistics, UC Davis)

“Detecting and dating structural breaks in functional data without dimension reduction” - ABSTRACT

Wed Feb 1,


Mimi Tsuruga

(Postdoc, Math, UC Davis)

“What is Topological Data Analysis?” - ABSTRACT

Wed Feb 15, 12:00pm

Julio Deride

(PhD student, Math, UC Davis)

“Statistical estimation problems under stochastic optimization perspective” - ABSTRACT

Wed Mar 1,


Benjamin Roycraft

(PhD student, Statistics, UC Davis)

“A Statistical Approach using Bootstrap Estimation” - ABSTRACT
Wed Mar 15, 12:00pm Hao Chen (Assistant Professor, Statistics, UC Davis) “Change-point detection for locally dependent data” - ABSTRACT