Seminars 2017-18

For the current seminar series (Spring 2018), please visit the main STA 290 Seminar page.

WINTER 2018:

Winter 2018 Seminar Instructor: Prof. Xiaodong Li

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract
Thursday Jan 11th
Shiqian Ma Mathematics, UC Davis "Nonconvex ADMM and its applications" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Jan 18th
Zhou Yu Computer Science, UC Davis

“Situated Intelligent Interactive Systems” - ABSTRACT


Thursday Jan 25th Phyllis Wan
Columbia University

"Modeling Social Networks using Linear Preferential Attachment" - ABSTRACT


Monday Jan 29th, 2:10pm Min Xu University of Pennsylvania Optimal Rates for Community Estimation in the Weighted Stochastic Block Model - ABSTRACT
Wednesday Jan 31st, 1:10pm
Krishnakumar Balasubramanian
Statlab (ORFE), Princeton University "Parametric and Nonparametric Models for Higher-order Interactions" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Feb 1st
Xinran Li
Harvard University "Randomization Inference for Peer Effects" - ABSTRACT
Monday, Feb 5th, 2:10pm Shizhe Chen Columbia University "Learning the Connectivity of Large Sets of Neurons" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Feb 8th
Fang Han Statistics, Univ. Washington "Three New Concentration Inequalities for Time Series Data" - ABSTRACT

Thursday Feb 15th

Guangliang Chen
Mathematics/Statistics, San Jose State Univ. "A Unified Scalable Spectral Clustering Framework Based on Efficient Sparse Matrix Operations" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Feb 22nd
Tengyu Ma Facebook, Computer Sci/Statistics, Stanford Univ. "Algorithmic Regularization in Over-parameterized Matrix Recovery and Neural Networks with Quadratic Activations" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Mar 1st
Kyunghee Han Post-doctoral Scholar, Statistics, UC Davis "Errors-in-variables problem in nonparametric additive models" - ABSTRACT
Monday Mar 5th, 2:10pm
Monika Bhattacharjee
Informatics Institute, University of Florida "Change point estimation in dynamic stochastic block model" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Mar 8th Zhenhua Lin Post-doctoral Scholar,Statistics, UC Davis "Mixture inner product spaces and their application to functional data analysis" - ABSTRACT

FALL 2017:

Fall 2017 Seminar Instructor: Prof. Bala Rajaratnam

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract
Thursday Oct 5th Jane-Ling Wang Statistics, UC Davis “A Bridge between High-dimensional and Functional Data: Application to Functional Cox model” - ABSTRACT
Thursday Oct 12th José E. Chacón Universidad de Extremadura, Spain

“Mixture model modal clustering” - ABSTRACT

Thursday Oct 19th Luke Bornn
Sacramento Kings & Simon Fraser University “From Pixels to Points: Using Tracking Data to Measure Performance in Professional Sports” - ABSTRACT
Thursday Oct 26th Miles Lopes
Statistics, UC Davis "Two New Bootstrap Methods for High-Dimensional and Large-Scale Data" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Nov 2nd Fushing Hsieh
Statistics, UC Davis "Graphic displays of MLB pitching mechanics and its life-history evolution" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Nov 9th Hans Müller Statistics, UC Davis "Fréchet Regression" - ABSTRACT

Monday Nov 13th


Aaditya Ramdas
Statistics & EECS, UC Berkeley "Interactive algorithms for multiple hypothesis testing" - ABSTRACT

Tuesday Nov 14th


Eric Fox US EPA Western Ecology Division "Comparing Spatial Regression to Random Forsts for Large Environmental Data Sets" - ABSTRACT

Wednesday Nov 15th


Brenda Betancourt Duke University "Microclustering Models for Record Linkage Tasks" - ABSTRACT

Thursday Nov 16th


Ying Zhu Dept of Economics, Social Science Data Analytics Initiative, Michigan State University "High Dimensional Inference: Semiparametrics, Counterfactuals, and Heterogeneity" - ABSTRACT

Friday Nov 17th


Guillaume Basse Statistics, Harvard University "Model-assisted design of experiments in the presence of network correlated outcomes" - ABSTRACT

Monday Nov 20th


Linbo Wang Biostatistics, Harvard University "Causal Inference with Unmeasured Confounding: an Instrumental Variable Approach" - ABSTRACT