STA 290 Seminars

Statistics Seminar Series

SPRING 2018:

Winter Seminar Instructor: Prof. Can Le

Location: MSB 1147, Colloquium Room. Held on Thursdays at 4:10pm (unless otherwise stated). The first seminar of Spring 2018 will be held on April 5th.

Students who wish to register for STA 290 credit (1 unit; 2 units with instructor's permission) may use CRN 80212. For the requirement for the obtaining 2 credits for STA 290 please contact Prof. Le.

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract
Thursday April 5th
Nathaniel Stevens
UC San Francisco "Detecting Change in Dynamic Networks" - ABSTRACT
Tuesday April 10th Johannes Heiny University fo Aarhus, Denmark

“The spectrum of high-dimensional sample correlation matrices” - ABSTRACT

Thursday April 12th
Jingwen Zhang
Communications, UC Davis “An online experimental approach to study networked social influence in offline health behaviors” - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 19th
Valentin Patilea
ENSAI, France “Conditional moment restriction models with incomplete data” - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 26th
Yun Song
UC Berkeley


"Ribosomes, traffc jams, and phase transitions" - ABSTRACT

Thursday May 3rd
Thomas Nichols
Oxford Big Data Inst (UK)

Pre-Conference Keynote Lecture: "A Journey Into Neuroimaging Statistics" - ABSTRACT

Thursday May 10th
Dmitri Krioukov
Northeastern University TBA
Thursday May 17th Michal Kosinski
Stanford University TBA
Thursday May 24th
Raissa D'Souza
Computer Science, UC Davis TBA

Thursday May 31st

Jure Leskovec
Stanford University TBA

ALL SEMINARS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Seminar speakers / titles / abstracts to be updated soon.

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