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Project: Protein Structures, Mentor: Nelson Max (Computer Science) --2012-13

Project: Interactive data visualization on large-scale displays, Mentor: Kwan-Liu Ma (Computer Science) --2012-13

Project: Extracting dynamics of affect from dyads over time, Mentor: Emilio Ferrer (Psychology) --2012-13

Project: The cryptic invasion of California by tropical fruit flies, Mentor: James Carey (Entomology) --2012-13

Project: Filling in the Void in Social Networks: the disappearance of hubs and emergence of new ones in their wake, Mentor: Vladimir Filkov (Computer Science) --2012-13


Project: The sounds of complexity in aquatic ecosystems, Mentors: Naoki Saito (Applied Math), Geoff Schladow (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Sam Nichols (Music) --2013-14

Project: Removing noise from tensor-valued neuroimaging data, Mentors: Owen Carmichael (Neuroscience), Debashis Paul (Statistics) and Jie Peng (Statistics) --2013-14

Project: Quantification of brain connectivity from neuroimaging time series data, Mentors: Mentors: Owen Carmichael (Neuroscience) and Hans-Georg Müller (Statistics) --2013-14

Project: Splitting Task Oriented Social Networks into a Task Related Layer and the Rest, Mentor: Vladimir Filkov (Computer Science) --2013-14


Project I: Developing a model-free approach for bias correction when measuring object sizes in images. (pdf file) -- Thomas Lee (Statistics)

Project II: Developing models for cherry fly survival and reproduction in dependence on hatching. -- Hans-Georg Mueller (Statistics) and James Carey (Entomology)

Project III: Analyzing functional variance process for modeling longitudinal biological trajectories -- Hans-Georg Mueller (Statistics)

Project IV: Sonification of sensor network data, in particular underwater temperature measurements made via an array of thermometers at Lake Tahoe at various depths. -- Naoki Saito (Mathematics)

Project V: Developing a statistical methodology for extracting diffusion tensor from diffusion-weighted MRI data. -- Debashis Paul (Statistics) and Jie Peng (Statistics)

Project VI: Developing a new method for detrending solar irradiance time series data using a nonlinear least squares approach. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)

Project VII: Analysis of solar irradiance time series using various methods including artificial neural networks, ARIMA models, and nonlinear AR models. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)

Project VIII: Estimating nonlinear additive vector AR model. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)

Project IX: Estimating and forecasting of nonlinear AR models fit to solar irradiance data. -- Joshua Patrick (Statistics)


Project: Applied Functional Data Analysis (H.-G. Müller)

Project: Quantifying Patterns of Survival and Reproduction for Cohorts of Flies (H.-G. Müller)

Project: Spatio-temporal covariance models for use in solar energy research (J. Patrick)

Project: Exploration of geometry of data in high dimensions and its effect on classification (W. Polonik)

Project: Manifold learning with outliers (T. Lee)

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